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The Artist at Work

Phillip Trujillo was born in Las Vegas, NM. He has lived all over the country, having been born into the family of a Naval officer. He has now settled in Santa Fe, but lives on location for his film career. His “day job” as an assistant film editor takes him to Los Angeles for most of the year.

His career as an artist began at the age of eight when his father handed him a paint brush and told him to paint what he saw. He has never formally been trained as an artist. He has learned through practice and constant study. His greatest influences are his father Phillip Trujillo, David Escudero, Michelangelo, Leonardo,  Picasso, O'Keefe, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Reubens,  Roberto Ferri and  Cesar Santos.

 He has had the opportunity to do licensed work for Lucasfilm, Disney, AMC and Netflix. His true passion remains portraiture and the human figure.  

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